If you plan on getting married at Immaculate Conception, it is necessary to contact the Parish Office a minimum of six months before the wedding. This Diocesan Guideline allows for the necessary paperwork, Pre Cana (Marriage Preparation) and other details to be completed. It is also essential in order to reserve the Church. Most couples prefer to set a date almost a year in advance to coordinate the Church and reception.

For couples being married at I.C., it is necessary for at least one of the parties to be a “registered member” of the parish—as an adult it is expected that this person is registered as an individual, not on the parents’ registration. For those who have moved out of town and wish to return here for the wedding, that is certainly possible and we welcome you back (registration in this case is not necessary, but there should be some affiliation with I.C.)

The list of Pre Cana sessions and Engaged Encounter weekends is available from the Parish Office. A Marriage Preparation course is mandated by the Diocese. Please check with the Rectory for these details and acceptable courses.

Contact our office at 315-637-9846 or email us at