Adult Education

We have so many opportunities at IC for adults to deepen their faith. We have year-long courses and Bible studies as well as seasonal (Advent and Lent) and one-time events. Check back here for more information!


Check out this great document that Lynn-Beth Satterly, one of our dedicated parishioners, put together about different ways of praying. Try them out and see if something works for you!

Prayer Style Guide

The Great Adventure Bible Study

Here is a great opportunity to develop an improved understanding of the Scriptures and learn more about the Bible, the Church, the Mass, Prayer and our Faith. Immaculate Conception is offering a great series of courses prepared and presented by fantastic and engaging presenters, such as Jeff Cavins and Fr. Robert Barron.

Ever wonder what you are saying when you stumble through the Creed at Mass? Need a refresher on what it means to be Catholic? Stuck in a rut when you try to pray? Ever listen to the second reading and wonder what St. Paul was talking about? Here are the answers right in front of you!

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself that the Bible study isn’t for you. Maybe you know about being Catholic. Maybe you are afraid of finding out how little you know. Don’t worry! We give you the answers and you will be in a group of people who are all in the same boat!

This year we have a diverse set of courses that stretch from the Apostle’s Creed to prayer. The list of all available courses is shown below, with current courses shown in italics. The schedule of the planned courses is also shown below along with a description of the courses.

But don’t stop if you don’t see the course you are looking for! All the courses listed are available today and we will start additional classes if you are interested. Please! Prayerfully consider participating in this fantastic opportunity.

Bible Study Courses

A Quick Journey Through the Bible
The Bible Timeline- A Journey Through the Bible
Acts of the Apostles
First Corinthians

Study Courses on Faith

An Introduction to the Theology of the Body
The Mass
Pillars I: The Creed
Pillars II: Sacraments

Prayer Focused Study Courses

Walking Towards Eternity, Pt I
Walking Towards Eternity, Pt II
Oremus: Let us Pray

Church History

Epic: A Journey Through Church History