COVID-19 Updates

Guidelines for Mass

Everyone MUST wear a mask in Church at all times. It must cover both your nose and mouth. Please bring a pocket-size sanitizer for your personal use.

Since the crowd size is limited, it is necessary to make a “Reservation” every week to attend a particular weekend Mass. Go to the Parish Website to make a reservation. If you do not have the capability to do that, please call the Parish Office Monday through Thursday ONLY. The office is currently closed on Fridays.

Entrance to the Church is at the Main Entrance ONLY. All exits will be available at the conclusion of Mass.

When entering the Church please keep the Social Distance of six feet.

Families/Households and married couples may sit together, but must be six feet from the nearest family or individual. People will be directed to seats by the Ushers.

As you enter, please sanitize your hands and go directly to the front of an aisle where an Usher will seat people from the front. Please do NOT just take any seat. In order to seat the allowed capacity, it is necessary to start from the front in an orderly fashion. Again, please do not take any seat; follow the directions of the Usher.

Missalettes are not allowed due to contact touch.

Singing for the congregation is also discouraged because of the risk of airborne droplets spreading the virus.

The passing of the baskets for the Offertory collection is not allowed. Envelopes should be placed in the basket at the main entrance as you arrive. (A great reason to move to electronic giving!)

Holy Communion 

  • Please sanitize your hands before you leave your pew.
  • Social Distance must be kept when approaching the Priest or Eucharistic Minister.
  • Everyone must keep the mask on when approaching the Minster.
  • We ask all to receive the Eucharist respectfully in your hand in order to minimize any risk for the Priests or Eucharistic Ministers.
  • Keep the mask on as you receive Communion. After receiving, step to the side (social distance), lower your mask and then consume the host.

The Church must be cleared immediately after Mass so that we can begin disinfecting for the next Mass. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Awaiting COVID Test Results?

Please note, if you are awaiting COVID test results, we ask that you do not attend Mass in person. Please quarantine until you receive negative test results. You can watch Mass on our website; we live stream the 5pm Mass every Saturday.

How are we disinfecting?

We are following all CDC and New York State cleaning protocols. After every Mass, Funeral, Wedding, or event in the Church, we are disinfecting all pews, bathrooms, doors and other touch areas. We are utilizing a Clorox industrial solution that has been approved to kill the COVID-19 virus.

What about the safety of our Preists?

All of our Priests have been tested for COVID-19 and received negative results. We are following protocols in the Parish Office to ensure that no one is exposed. Temperatures are taken daily for staff and visitors, masks are worn, and staff that are able, work remotely. The Parish Office is open for essential work only to limit exposure. Should you need a Mass intention or card, please call 315-637-9846. Envelopes can be placed in the mail slot at the Rectory entrance.

Appropriate Face Masks for Mass

We thank all of our parishioners for your compliance in wearing face masks to Church.  We have received information from medical professionals regarding the types of face masks that should be worn for everyone’s safety.  Masks with exhalation valves are not able to keep respiratory droplets within the mask, and therefore, are not sufficient to protect against COVID-19. Please be careful to ensure that the masks you wear do not have exhalation valves.